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MailOrderWorks - Mail Order Software

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MailOrderWorks is a powerful yet extremely easy to use business management software that supports multiple users from any Windows based computer connected to the Internet. Our innovative software allows you and your staff to access the same information, at the same time, whether that's 1 desk in the office, or miles away, working from home.

The Problem

Are you finding it hard to manage your orders and stock? Is your desk is full up with paperwork, or don't you have enough hours in the day to keep on top of your business? It's problems like these that can stop companies from growing and achieving their full potential.

Our Solution

MailOrderWorks is designed to make every aspect of running a mail order business simple. We have worked closely with many companies to develop the complete business management system. Our software takes care of everything from order and stock management, to creating sales and stock reports including profit and loss calculations.

Features Overview

  • Order processing and management
  • Invoice printing
  • Products database
  • Stock control
  • Returns
  • Sales and stock reports
  • User management and permissions
order processing management

One of the key features of MailOrderWorks is the innovative Order Processing. The software flexibly allows you to have one or more members of staff taking orders, and a totally different set of staff processing/dispatching them. Your packing department can be located anywhere and they will have real-time access to new orders as they are placed.

Why choose MailOrderWorks?

The crucial thing with business software is usability. Our software is simple, logical and easy to use. Most people can work out how to use it without needing to read the guides. This minimises staff training and speeds up your business. The last thing you need is over-complicated software slowing you down.

manage orders
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Numerous modules available
  • Affordable yet effective
  • System grows with your business
  • Reports to help analyze data

Share information. With MailOrderWorks its easy to retrieve past orders, no matter who took the order, no more scraps of paper. Our software is ideal for growing companies, small partnerships and large companies alike, MailOrderWorks allows the sharing of real-time business data whether it be products in stock, orders, returns... its all there, not filed away.


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