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Free Demo

We are pleased to provide a range of free demo accounts. These accounts are there so that you can try out MailOrderWorks and get to grips with the features before making a purchase. The demo accounts are for trial use only and can't be used for your business, the accounts are also reset every night at around 2am GMT.

Please bare in mind that you may not be the only person using a paticular account. We would appreciate it you avoid deleting sample orders placed by other users, or tampering with their sample data as this may cause confusion and frustration to someone trying to evaluate the software.

If you would like to spend some time using the system in more detail, and would prefer to use an account that is not going to be in use by anyone else while your using it, please contact us. We will be more than happy to provide this service on request

Please visit the MailOrderWorks website.

Quick Start - How to connect to the Demo

First, ensure you have downloaded and installed MailOrderWorks. If you havn't done so, click here to download it.

Open MailOrderWorks, you can do this by clicking the icon on your desktop or via Start > All Programs > MailOrderWorks > MailOrderWorks.

Click "Manage Accounts", its the button in the middle at the bottom.

Click "Add from file" then browse to find the demo account file you downloaded (see above).

Select the account file and click Open. Click OK to close the Manage Accounts window.

You have now added the demo account, ensure the drop down says the account name, then type the following login details into the boxes. You should now be connected to MailOrderWorks.


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